Pin Grades

As you may know, pins are hand painted and will have flaws and no pin is "perfect". I've sorted them and classified them as follows.

  • Standard/A-Grade: Almost "perfect". The best of the best out of the batch! Has minor scuffs and scratches on metal. Slight low fills and tiny air bubbles in minor areas that doesn't effect overall look. Can only be seen upon very close inspection.
  • B-Grade: Slightly less perfect. More noticeable scratches. Slightly low fills and small dents. Missing enamel in small areas.
  • Seconds Grade: Noticeable flaws. Medium-large unfilled areas. Dents or leaks in enamel. Low fills. Posts may be slanted. Oxidation of metal. Please note when purchasing these, you understand what kind of product you are receiving since these are heavily discounted & there will be no refunds.