Do you ship worldwide?

Have you shipped my order yet?

  • Normal processing time to pack your order will be 3-6 days depending on the amount of orders I have received. An email will be sent to you with your tracking # as soon as the post office receives it. I run this shop by myself, so please be patient with me!

How do you make pins?

  • Design is usually sketched and then vectorized using a program like Illustrator. Google is your best friend! Do lots of research. There are a LOT of helpful articles and YouTube videos out there. I highly recommend ThePinkSamurai's Enamel Pins 101 youtube series!

Will you be restocking sold out pin designs?

  • I am open to reordering pins that have sold out as long as there is enough interest. If you are a group manager, please DM me!
What is a pre-order?
  • Pre-orders help fund the production of the pin design, which is often quite costly. A certain number of slots are open to help fund the cost, and once they are filled, the pin can be put into production! Usually they are offered at a discounted price and will take about 4-6 weeks after funding is complete to be ready to ship.

I missed the pre-order, will I still be able to buy it?

  • Yes! Once the pins arrive, I will have stock that I will list for sale.

Your pre-order pin says Sold Out, will you be restocking?

  • Yes! Pre-order only helps fund the pin. Once the pins arrive, I will have stock that I will list for sale.